A Guide to Guitars, Guitar Equipment and Guitar accessories!

Guide to GuitarsGuitars can be the most enjoyable and fun instruments to play on the planet.

The excitement and joy you bring to someone through your stringed instrument can change the moods and attitudes of everyone that hears you.

Guitar buying can be a major purchase, as well as all the accessories and supplies you need to become ‘crazy-in-love’ with guitars. From amps to tuners to guitar strings to guitar picks, we’re here to show you the benefits of a guitar and its counter parts.

Here is a general checklist when purchasing a guitar:

  • An electric, acoustic or bass guitar would be your first purchase
  • Thick and thin strings when you snap you strings
  • Guitar picks come in handy when you first starting out or a seasoned guitarist
  • Guitar Tuners are essential for a new guitarists. Your guitar will get out of tune and you WILL need to re-tune it… guaranteed!
  • Here is a great selection of guitar related products that I recommend

Last thing you want to do is be online and find a great price for a guitar and find out it really is a piece of —-!

Online retailers will spice up their guitar advertisements to make them sound “so” appealing.

I want to give you enough information about guitar, guitar accessories and guitar supplies that you know what you want before you go and spend a butt load of money on a piece of junk made out of rotten wood with strings all ready untwined selling for $2,000 on EBAY.

Read some of our how to articles on useful questions that we answered for guitarists. Have a question? E-mail us and we’ll answer you with the best response that we have. And if we don’t know your guitar related question, we’ll find someone who does!