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How to Tune your Guitar

A guide to tuning your guitar

To make a killer song for any type of guitar music you have to have your guitar tuned. There are several pedals, boxes in general to get that guitar to sound right.

Unless you got an ear that can match the note exactly to what it is, then I’d recommend getting a tuner and tuning your guitar to what setting you want right before you play!

Tuning forkOne method that works for me for tuning is the use of a tuning fork. How that works is by striking the fork. Once struck play the note that is tuning to that fork (whatever it may be “E,A,D,G,B”).

If you guitar tune is off, you’ll hear the note vibrating the frequency between the two notes. It takes awhile to pick up that skill. But once you achieve that skill it’s more useful than confusing.

Instead of doing all that jive, spare yourself the trouble and get a little turner that will tell you when are tuned specific to that note or just flat out…flat!

Check out some of my great recommendations on guitar tuning equipment.

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