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How to use a Tablature

A guide for using a tablature

Tablatures are like a cheat sheet on your final exam. You can play music without learning the notes. Instead of learning sheet music, you can buy a tablature that shows you exactly where to play.

Tablatures are the new age to learn how to play a guitar. Tabs are a much faster way to learning your favorite song on the radio or any song for that matter.
Every note that you play starts in a “G” chord. Other chords would include A, B, C, D, E, F and G. The picture above shows a tablature. The bottom line represents the thickest string on your guitar, the “E” string.

If you flip the tab notes upside down with the letters that would represent the letter for that string. For instance, the “B” note would be the second to last string on your guitar.


The numbers on the lines are the fret you play your note on.  Now what is a fret? A fret are the metal bars that go across the fret board.


The “V” tells you when to pluck the string upward towards your body.  The “Staple” tells you pluck the string away from your body.  This is also known as down picking.  Each number is lined up with either a “V” or a “Staple” depending which way you need to pluck your guitar string.

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